Boudoir Photography Brisbane

Why You Should Consider Boudoir Photography in our Brisbane studio

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your fiancé or husband or you simply want to feel both beautiful and empowered as a woman, you may want to think about boudoir photography in our Brisbane studio.


It is not uncommon to feel awkward and maybe a little uncomfortable at the thought of taking your clothes off and wearing almost nothing in front of a photographer, but at Boudoir by Angel Eyes, your comfort is our primary concern.


We conduct ourselves in a professional and friendly manner, helping you feel comfortable. If you aren’t sure how to pose, don’t stress, we have you covered there too! We’ll guide you in every way to ensure you look absolutely amazing!

Benefits of Using Boudoir by Angel Eyes - a Brisbane Boudoir Photographer

In Brisbane, nude photography is becoming more popular among women who want to do it as a testament to the beauty of their body and celebrate their femininity. Here are a few more benefits women can expect from a boudoir session:


  • Once in a lifetime experience. Having a boudoir shoot is a fun and exciting once-in-a-lifetime experience. While you may feel nervous when you walk in, we promise you, once you are in your first instructed poses and we are snapping stunning shots of you, you’ll be having so much fun that you will forget how nervous you were!

  • Boost your confidence. Every woman wants to feel sexy and nothing is sexier than confidence! The photoshoot alone delivers a big boost in women’s confidence.  Plus once you see the final images, you will experience confidence that you’ve never had before.

  • You get to go shopping. What woman doesn’t love a shopping spree? Booking a photoshoot gives you the perfect excuse to go out and buy some hot lingerie and maybe a pair of heels.

"It's not about photos in lingerie; 

It's about finding beauty in yourself in nothing but lingerie"

Tips Regarding Brisbane Boudoir Photography


Using a glamour nude photographer is all about trust, so before you jump in and book your session, you may want to spend some time getting to know the photographer, so you will feel more comfortable in front of them.  Sometimes a photographer’s personality will reflect the experience they offer and the style of shots you will produce. Remember that a good boudoir photographer has experience, so they will act completely professionally. Here are some tips for you to consider when you book your boudoir photoshoot.


  • Work out your wardrobe.  It is recommended that you have at least a couple of outfits that you feel comfortable with to bring to your session.  If they are coming from your own wardrobe, make sure you try them on to make sure you have the complete set, it all fits perfectly, and you feel amazing in them.  If you happen to be shopping for some new pieces to wear, make sure you give yourself time to shop and try new things on.  Nothing is worse than being in a rush and limited for time when trying to find the right piece of lingerie.


  • Chose the right photographer (team). As a woman, there are many great female boudoir photographers and just as many great male boudoir photographers too.  But how do you pick the right one?  After all, you will be stripping down to your underwear or less so choosing a photographer who you can trust is especially important.  The best thing you can do is make sure that your photographer will work with an assistant or another photographer while shooting you.  This has become an industry standard amongst reputable boudoir photographers as 1 on 1 sessions can always leave opportunity for inappropriate and unprofessional behaviour.  If your photographer is insisting on shooting alone,  this can raise red flags.


  • Posing research. If you aren’t aware of how to pose, don’t stress.  That is what the photographer is there for.  They don’t just take photos, they set them up too!  A good photographer will also be able to coach you into expressing certain emotions and facial expressions during the poses.  That being said, if there are any styles or poses you are drawn to, feel free to show the team these images and they can try to replicate the shot for you.


Not sure how to pose?  Don't worry, we will help you 100% of the time.

About Boudoir by Angel Eyes


With our many years of experience in the photography industry, we have made a name for ourselves among those in Brisbane as being professional, friendly people who go out of their way to ensure that your photo shoot is everything you hoped it would be. We have a hair and makeup stylist on hand to assist you with looking your absolute best. When it comes to having tasteful boudoir photos taken, we have become one of the best photographers around. As a boudoir photographer, we know how to conduct ourselves professionally during these very intimate photography sessions and have committed ourselves to perfecting our craft so that you receive the best quality boudoir photos.


To book your session or for more information about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are looking forward to helping you discover a new confident you!