Erotic Couples Photography

What You Can Expect From Erotic Couples' Photography


Booking an erotic couples photography shoot can be incredibly nerve-wracking. It’s a very intimate and personal photoshoot, and we will display some of your best qualities as a couple. Erotic photography for couples can be your way of celebrating your relationship, regaining intimacy or a reminder of a milestone in your relationship. Some couples do boudoir shoots to get the spark back into their relationship, and some do it just because they are beautiful and want to celebrate their love and chemistry.

Benefits Of Doing Couples' Erotic Photography


No matter the reason for doing a boudoir shoot, you will gain many other benefits from your experience. Whether you need to reconnect with your partner or you want to build a level of confidence with one another, a boudoir shoot is the best way to accomplish togetherness.


  • You will get to spend quality and intimate time together. Even though you will have photographers and stylists with you, there will be an understanding between you and your partner about where you are, and that bond is what you cherish.

  • Making memories with your partner does not have to be only outside the bedroom. These intimate sessions will be something you and your partner can treasure forever. It will always be something that you share.

  • If you or your partner aren’t comfortable with being intimate or sharing your body, a boudoir photography session may help rebuild that self-esteem. Being able to share yourself with somebody is not such a small thing as it’s made out to be. It requires a certain level of trust and chemistry; increasing this trust and chemistry might benefit your relationship overall.


Prepare For Your Couple Nude Photography Session


At Boudoir by Angel Eyes, we want you to feel comfortable in your skin. We want you to know that you are beautiful just the way you are, and that’s what we aim to display with our photos.


  • Before booking your shoot, we will have a pleasant and detailed conversation over the phone to get to know one another. This chat will include various questions, such as why you’re doing this shoot and what you want to get out of it.

  • After you feel completely comfortable and we have answered all your questions, we will supply some helpful information and tips for your photoshoot. We want you to know that you can ask us anything and that we are here to make this experience as easy as possible.

  • We have a client closet from which you can choose a range of outfits and lingerie. However, we recommend you bring a few outfits in which you feel comfortable. A photo with only a robe can be just as stunning as a photo in lingerie.


About Boudoir By Angel Eyes


Boudoir by Angel Eyes has two photographers, Mel and Dave, who are married and share twelve years of photography experience. You will have both photographers present at your shoot to ensure we capture all perspectives. We currently have three hair and make-up stylists with vast industry experience and a love for what they do.


We offer three categories for you to choose from: Sultry & Seductive, Fun & Flirty, and Dark & Moody.


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