Your Boudoir Session
to go nude or not to go nude?

A lingerie Boudoir shoot is beautiful, classy and stunning plus it does have some edge to it. If you want to spice up your gallery a little bit more and you feel comfortable enough in front of the camera, you always have the option of nude glamour photography shot in our professional nude photography studio.  Here are some benefits of going nude for your photo shoot if you are keen to do so (remember, there is no pressure to do so,  you are in complete control of how the photo session proceeds).


  • You’ll not only get our implied nude poses but nude poses with your photo shoot.Giving you more beautiful photos to choose from.


  • Our nude photography is not like the ones from an adult magazine.Instead they keep within our classy and tasteful style, giving you elegant nudes which are an uplifting thing to have as part of your gallery.


  • Stepping well outside of your comfort zone can help your confidence grow. As the saying goes ‘a comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there’.


We always recommend going to a professional photographer (aka us), especially if you’re going for a glamour nude photography session, we have the equipment and knowledge to bring out the best version of yourself.

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is the sexiest thing
a woman can wear

Benefits of Boudoir Photography in Australia


It might seem like you need a lot of courage to be able to stand in front of a camera like the women you’ve seen in our photo shoots, but in reality, you don’t. You just have to know why you want to do it.  Nerves are natural, but the excitement easily overpowers those nerves making you wish you could’ve stayed longer. If you have never done it, but maybe considered it, here are some benefits to why everyone should do a boudoir photo shoot:


  • Getting rid of all that self-doubt and looking at yourself in a whole new light is what a boudoir experience is all about. It doesn’t matter what your body type is, what size you are, your age or what the colour of your skin is, you are beautiful, and we are here to show you that through the eyes of the lens.

  • Getting pampered by professional hair and make-up artists will give you that celebrity treatment.

  • We only see the bad! We’ve all been there, where we look in the mirror and only see the bad, see everything that is wrong with us, very rarely we see the good things we have going for ourselves, but that is not the case here. You will feel positive about yourself, and the ‘bad’ you see will disappear into nothing but positivity.

  • We have three different styles for you to choose from, sultry and seductive, fun and flirty, and also dark and moody. Now this will depend on your personality, or you might want to be a bit experimental and try something out of your style, but all three are available to you in a private studio.

About Boudoir by Angel Eyes


We share a passion for creating fun and comfortable boudoir experiences. We are a happily married couple with kids who just want to show you confidence through photography. Taking you on a journey by showing you how beautiful you are is what we want to achieve with each session. During each session you will have both of us taking pictures, giving you both the male and female’s perspective.


If you are ready to show confidence in who's the boss and discover how fierce and beautiful you are, contact us or fill out our online enquiry form for more information!


So what do you say?  Ready to do this?  Want to know more?

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