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5 hot items in your wardrobe that's perfect for a boudoir session!

OK, so you've booked in a boudoir session and now your wondering just what to wear? Maybe you have a whole wardrobe of lingerie and you're all set, or maybe you only have one piece and now you're thinking "how am I going to get variety with just one piece?"

Don't worry, aside from us having a client closet for you to pick through, you'll find that you have some hidden gems in your own wardrobe! Let me give you some ideas...

1. Kimono / robe

Kimono's and robes are super trendy garments that can be found basically everywhere from Target and Kmart to Bras and Things or even online stores like Love Honey. With different lengths and styles to choose from, they are the perfect item to start a boudoir session with as they allow you to cover up a little while you ease into the mood.

2. Midriff and t-shirts

A simple plain white shirt is sexy and adaptable in any boudoir setting. Midriff's are hot if you love to show off your navel. Tanks or tees, a v-neck or crew-neck. You can style in so many ways. You can cut them, pull them, roll them up or even wet them. You can't go wrong with this classic and simple piece of clothing.

3. Button up shirts

We all know how hot we look in our mans slightly oversized white collar button up shirt. So many things we can do with them. Roll the sleeves up a little, undo a few buttons or even all of them to show what we are hiding underneath. Even slip is off our shoulders. What else can we say? Hot Hot Hot!

4. Jackets and sweaters

Any style! Any size! They all work. It can be a tough leather biker jacket, formal blazer, sexy trench coat, denim jacket or varsity sports jacket. Combined with the right pieces underneath, you just can't go wrong. It's the tease of what is underneath that makes the jacket work.

5. P.J's - Just not old tacky ones.

Yep, your bed wear, the good ones of course. It could be a silky slip or a two piece cami. Trust me, you'll look hot and inviting in your P.J set.

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