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Confidence vs Courage

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

'Do you need confidence to do a boudoir session?'

Boudoir is such a personal and intimate experience between you and your own body. During a session you will discover your inner goddess and learn to love your body. From your favourite assets, to what you've always believed to be your biggest flaws. But stepping outside of your comfort zone and baring all for this experience isn't always easy for most ladies. One thing we hear a lot is "I don't have the confidence to do a boudoir session". But let me tell you straight up, you don't need confidence girl! A confidence boost is what you'll get from the session!

This being said, it still isn't going to be easy to step outside of your comfort zone, so how do others do it? The answer to that is courage. Finding even the tiniest bit of courage to do something so daring but so rewarding is all you need to do. Just like anything new you have ever done. A new job, hobby or sport, there is always some level of nervousness and anxiety that you'll need courage to overcome and once you do, you'll find confidence will set in.

'Confidence comes from believing you can do it

Courage is giving it a go despite fear'

Now before you start telling yourself "those other ladies are naturals" or they've done it before", I just want to say that all of our clients are real life women, not professional models. They are ladies who are not confident in front of a camera. They carry their own insecurities no matter what age or size they are and want to feel confident within themselves.

In all the years and all the beautiful women I have photographed, I have never had one who didn't look stunning and who couldn't do the poses. You won't be an exception to this. Trust in yourself that you will slay your session and look fabulous!

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