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Getting Ready for your Session

What do you do once you’ve booked in your Boudoir by Angel Eyes session?

After getting your hair, nails and skin ready for your big day, you then must get ready the morning of… so what’s to be done?

Here is a list of things to do the morning of your session:
  • Brush your hair and teeth - just get ready like normal!

  • Have breakfast. Your session will be a mini workout, so don’t forget to eat well the morning of your session to ensure you’re energised.

  • A light stretch. You don’t need to do an intensive routine but limber yourself up a little so you can backbend and work your body to your heart's content!

  • Put on your nails. If you’re wearing stick-on nails, put these on before you arrive at the studio.

Leave the rest to us! All you have to do now is walk through the door!

Do you want more info on a session?

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