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How Boudoir Can Help Heal You

Boudoir is an amazing experience that offers a sense of fulfillment and and a whole lot of fun. People talk about boudoir being more than just photos all the time... but how exactly can it help heal you?

Boudoir is self-love and empowerment.

Whether you're doing a session for yourself, a partner, to post or whatever your motivation - boudoir at it's core is about empowering yourself and loving the person that is in front of the camera.

Yes, it's also about stripping down and looking like an absolute GODDESS but it's also so much more than that.

Loving the person in the mirror

We stare at ourselves constantly in the mirror, getting ready in the morning, trying on clothes in a changing room, even in the reflection of a building you walk past.

Because we see our own bodies so constantly it's common to overanalyse ourselves and pick apart our appearance, though what we think of ourselves is not always the truth.

Boudoir helps you separate your perception of yourself from what others may see of you.

It becomes less about purely what you look like and as much about what your body can do. "Look at that back arch! Look at those poses! Those angles!"

This experience can help take you out of your own head. We don't create a whole new person when we photograph you, we simply show you the fabulousness that has been there all along.

Your self-love journey

Everyone is on a self-love journey. No matter what stage of life you are at, you are constantly learning to love yourself.

Boudoir is a beautiful way to reclaim the gorgeous body you are in and help you see just how stunning you really are.

Whether you are doing a session to kick start this adventure, using it as a way to continue through this journey or a way to celebrate how far you've come - we love that for you!

You are worthy, you are strong, and you are beautiful.

You deserve to feel the joy that a boudoir session can bring.

The dreaded 'comfort zone'

We are always encouraged to get outside of our comfort zone, but let's talk about doing so in a healthy way.

You don't want to feel genuinely uncomfortable just because society said we need to constantly be pushing our limits, we need to do so in a healthy and constructive way.

Boudoir is an excellent way to push your boundaries in an environment that is safe, supportive and purely about you.

Feel free to chat to our team, talk to Mel and Dave and familiarise yourself with those that will be with you during this experience.

Yes, we want you to step outside of your comfort zone, take the leap and experience the beauty that is boudoir. But we also want you to do so in a safe and healthy way amongst people that you are comfortable with.

We want you to push your comfort zone, without being uncomfortable.

Wear what represents you

Bring clothing, lingerie, props and shoes that represent you.

That is your natural habitat, so bring along items that are the version of yourself that you love.

Put forward a you that you want the world to see, your most authentic, gorgeous self!

No matter your motivation for a boudoir session, it's still all about you - and that's who we're here for!

Boudoir is an amazing way to start your self-love journey, encourage you to keep pursuing it or to celebrate it.

It is an incredibly healing experience and one that should be experienced (at least) once in your life.

Is this something you want to experience?

Chat with our amazing team and let's talk about why boudoir is the perfect next step for you.

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