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I don’t have lingerie… How can I do a boudoir session?!

Fear not! A lack of lingerie does not mean that you have to throw away the idea of a boudoir session!

When in doubt, we always have the client closet!

We have an array of different two pieces, bodysuits, shoes and more that you are more than welcome to use for your own session.

These are stunning pieces and should you ever need them for your session, they are within your reach!

While we recommend going shopping to find some gorgeous pieces for yourself - that way you can ensure you love them, that they fit perfectly and you get to keep them and wear them again - you do not have to fret if you don’t have lingerie.

If you’re comfortable enough, you can also try implied or full nude.

Full nude obviously requires no clothing at all, so problem-solved!

If you opt to try implied nude, you will either be covered by a sheet or your own hands depending on the pose.

(There have been some amazing ladies who have worn only denim shorts and these snaps have turned out beautifully).

So your session will still be wonderful, even without lingerie!

Ask us questions if you’re curious and don’t let this be the hurdle that stops you from expressing your inner goddess in the studio!

Are you ready to book a session?!

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