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Boudoir by Angel Eyes

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

A bold step into the boudoir world

We have come a long way with Angel Eyes Professional Photography since day 1 back in 2009. Can you believe our first studio was in a garage using makeshift backdrops. Thank goodness this was all part of our testing phase. When we opened the business we had a dedicated home studio with professional studio lighting and backdrops but we only specialised in family portraiture.

And now today!

Fast forward to today and whilst we still give families top quality photos for their homes, we have come to specialise in confidence boosting and empowerment photography through our dramatic light sports portraiture and boudoir.

“confidence boosting and empowerment photography.”

Boudoir photography is a journey of love. Love for oneself, and a rediscovery of ones own beauty. It builds confidence and empowerment. After a boudoir shoot, you'll be rocking the skin you're in.

As photographers, we love it when we see our clients eyes light up when they see their first photo during their reveal. Some ladies are even in disbelief that the photos are of themselves. Using our creative art to give ladies such positive emotions about themselves is a lifting experience in itself. So what are you waiting for? Book in an information appointment to see how your boudoir journey could unfold.

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