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The power of a good playlist

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Have you ever put on music while doing the chores around the house?  How much more motivated does that make you feel?  Imagine strutting your stuff to the tunes all about empowerment and girl power!  I bet you’ll have a bit of a dance, especially where there is bubbly included!

Some good music is essential to a boudoir session.

Personalise your boudoir session with your favourite music

A boudoir photo experience is usually very personal and intimate, so choosing the right playlist is important.

Here are some tips to creating your boudoir playlist if you haven't already got one.

  • Tip 1 Aim for 80 - 100 songs. This will get you through 4 hours which will cover your hair and makeup plus boudoir photo shoot.

  • Tip 2 Have a good mix of styles. If you like different genres of music, try to mix it up a little. Who knows what mood of music you might be wanting on the day, a bit of everything should keep you happy.

  • Tip 3 Search through the genres or decades that you like. You might find some hidden gems you had forgotten about.

Remember, this is all about you so pick all your favourites and strut your stuff like the goddess you are!

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