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Privacy and Boudoir

Boudoir is a very intimate style of photo session - this is an empowering, confidence building and self-loving experience that every woman should experience, and that is why your safety and comfort is always the highest priority.

Privacy both during and after your session is very important to us and below are some measures we take to give you the ultimate boudoir experience with full privacy.

During Your Session

Obviously you will be in very stripped down attire for the majority of your session, but that doesn't mean we expect you feel comfortable going full nude right off the bat. Full and implied nude images are options that are given to you for your session.

When changing between your outfits you will be able to move to a separate room to get yourself ready and re-enter the studio room once you're good to go - though simply ask if you need help fastening any clasps or untangling strappy lingerie!

The windows of the studio also have a one-way vision feature, so while you may be able to see out the window, no one can see in.

Implied/ Full Nude

Again, simply because you've chosen to do full or implied nude, does not mean we expect you to feel 100% ready to just throw everything off!

When getting ready for these poses you may choose for Mel to hold a sheet up to cover you from view until you are in your position. Then you will be organised by Mel to be photo ready.

We want to make this as comfortable as possible for you throughout the entire experience.

Social Media

We understand that not everyone is comfortable with their boudoir images being online, AND THAT'S MORE THAN OKAY!

You will be presented with a contract where you will be given the three following options:

  • No Release - you will receive your images but we will not post these online.

  • Group Only - We will post a selection of your images into the PRIVATE Angel Eyes Diva's VIP Facebook Group but will not be posted on any public online platforms.

  • Full Release - This means that you are okay with your images being posted anywhere (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, our website etc.)

It is entirely up to you to decide which option to go with and your decision will obviously be respected. Even if you change your mind at a later date!

Join our VIP Group and have a chat with some likeminded ladies about how their session made them feel!

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