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The 3 hottest outfits for a boudoir session

So you either have a boudoir shoot coming up, or maybe your considering one? One of the big questions you're going to be asking yourself is "what am I going to wear?" Here is a few outfit tips to help you chose the perfect wardrobe for a boudoir session.

#1 - Body suits

There are so many gorgeous body suits out there in so many different styles, it would be a crime not to wear one at least once for your boudoir session. They are great for covering the tummy if you are a bit self conscious about that area and can come with some amazing straps and details in the back. Don't be afraid to chose a body suit that shows off your butt too. Every single one of our clients love their butt shots and body suits that ride high and show off your cheeks are perfect for it that shot!

#2 - Two piece sets

OK, so a little bit more confidence is required to feel comfortable in a 2 piece set for your boudoir session, but once you know how stunning you are in one, your confidence will sky rocket!

Two piece sets come in so many beautiful designs and colours, plus you can get matching garter belt pieces which will not only keep those stocking up but will look super hot! If you are confident with your stomach area, you'll have a lot of choices with panties, from g-strings and thongs to brazilian and hipsters. If you want to cover a bit more of the stomach, we would recommend something more high waist like bikinis, boy legs or briefs.

Another great thing about two piece sets is that most offer good support for the girls. Something some body suits can lack entirely. Plus if you want some super seductive moody shots, the two piece sets will show the perfect amount of skin for the moody light to bounce off.

#3 - Button up shirt / T shirt

If there is one piece of clothing that should be brought to every boudoir session, it would have to be a button up shirt or a T shirt. This could be a nice fitting shirt or a slightly oversized shirt, short sleeve or long sleeves rolled 1/4 up, plain white or flannel pattern. Just try to avoid busy patterns as they will distract from the best part of the photo....You!

Another tip is to add something extra special to you session by bringing your lovers shirt to wear.

So now that you have your body suit, two piece set and a shirt to mix things up with, you're ready to book that session and feel like the queen that you are!

If you want to learn more or see some of our Diva's, join our private VIP Facebook group.

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