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The power of black and whites

Don't get me wrong. I love our light and airy colour boudoir photos. But there is something about black and white photos that seems to touch us more and deliver a stronger message.

So what is it that makes a black and white photo so powerful?

Less distraction

Sometimes, too much colour can confuse the eye. There is just too much going on. The simplicity of a black and white image can seem refreshing and is often easier to see the intended focal point of the image.

The drama

With black and white photos, you can sublimate the light, increasing the contrast between the highlights and the shadows, giving a more dramatic dimension to the picture.

Stand out

in a world full of colour, a black and white image can stand out from the crowd! Some colour images can be too busy for the eye. Turning a busy photo to black and white can help draw one's eye to the focused calm of the picture.

Evoke mood

Nostalgia, sadness, happiness, solitude, serenity or even to yearning. Black and white pictures somehow convey emotion and make the viewer want to be a part of the image in a way that colour images simply cannot.


Who doesn't like the contrast in a black and white photo? Black and white images work best when they have a good separation of contrast between the blacks, whites and greys. It can bring more attention to lines and textures.

"A perfect match"

Think about a seductive or bashful look on a one of our divas. the shape of the eyes, the lines of the lashes. Perhaps the detail of the lingerie she is wearing or the texture of the floor. Black and white and boudoir are a perfect match. But it's a little bit like cake. Too much and it's not actually good. Black and white photos are perfect when sprinkled in with a bunch of colour photos. The trick is not to over do it 😉

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