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To Theme or Not To Theme

Ahh, the stress of the wardrobe – everybody’s friendly enemy. Are you wanting to be creative in a more stripped down atmosphere? How do you even theme a boudoir session?!

You’ve got to make sure the theme is something you truly feel attracted to, foremost. Is there a fascination to be found in this theming, something that makes you feel intriguing and powerful, something maybe more than what meets the eye? It’s not only about how it makes you look but also how it makes you feel, after all.

What should I avoid?

Remember that your hair and makeup are as striking as they are fragile, and an accidental swipe at either could result rather troubling. If you intend on wearing multiple outfits (and you will, trust me) then anything full-body or upper-waist that is unable to be taken off by ties or zips at the back should be refrained from.

Taste-testing with themes and props

Who doesn’t like a little bit of experimentation? Why, I think a simple trial and error can not only lead to a further understanding of one’s self, but also to a great deal of fun! And you can bet that there’s no better place to explore it than in the talons of boudoir!

Just what can you try? Short answer: whatever you’d like. Real answer? Well, that’s going to require some self-reflection I think. Consider the vision of your product. Now, picture the mood; is it dark, kinky, playful, confronting, stern, angelic... Contemplate just what you want your focal point to be, because there’s no use in wearing a costume or wielding a whip if the heart of the portrait lies within your eyes. The prop or costume is going to steal majority of the attention, period.

Some options to play with

Oversized shirts

Wearing baggy shirts with a slip of skin peeking through is a sly practice of seduction, highly flirtatious, and used irresistibly through the ages. A sly but spicy means to let the imagination wander into fascination, but shielded enough to still be shy about it.

Luxury items

Want to look as upper-classed as you feel? Jewelry holds quite a shine on camera as much as your beautiful curves do. And if shine isn’t your thing, pearls have an extraordinary way of claiming your ever-wandering attention, too (but don't worry, we have the pearls on hand!).

Luxury items aren’t just prohibited at small, lustrous pieces, either. You can wear a crown, wear some angel wings, bite at a glass rose and even pose with a brilliantly smithed Damascus steel sword if you want. The options are limitless.

‘Sexy’ foods

Who knew food could be sexy? Better question is: how can you use the foxy physique of food to your advantage? Lollipops, strawberries, sweets, cherries and even coned ice-creams will do the job. So long as the focus is regarding the lips or a cheeky part of flesh, then all is well.

Just remember that we can't cause a mess in the studio, so any food you bring must be easy to contain and not prone to spilling or staining!

Sneaky hobbies

Sneaking a clever cameo of your favourite hobby during your session can be the perfect sting your photos need to make you love them that much more. Bring a footy, bring a guitar, bring a lasso of all things!

The holidays

The magical time of year where celebrations rule the world, what could be better than an enchanting session to suit a cultural or commemorative treat? Though I wouldn’t recommend basing your whole experience over a lone holiday theme, adding a hint of one to a couple photos could really give it that boost of festive joy.

Check out some more props used below and join our VIP Group to see the new themes and props that appear in the studio!

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