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What is a boudoir photo shoot?

What is boudoir photography? It is a classy and tasteful way of accepting and loving ourselves through photography. It is taking a deep breath and stepping outside of our comfort zone to build our body confidence and raise our self esteem. Boudoir is more than just sexy photo shoots, it is a journey of empowerment. A real 'love your body' experience.

'Boudoir by Angel Eyes - A classy and tasteful style of boudoir'

Typically boudoir shoots involve stripping down to your underwear or lingerie and being photographed in various different sets and poses. But before all this takes place, it is our standard practice that you are pampered with full professional hair and make up. During the boudoir session, we will ensure you are comfortable and it's guaranteed there will be laughs and a fun time had. Most clients tend to forget about being nervous 2 minutes into the shoot!

You can personalise your boudoir session by bringing in personal props or outfits special to you, plus you have the option of going full nude. This all depends on your comfort levels and the type of photos you are wanting to achieve. There is no pressure whatsoever to do this, we will simply ask you if you wish to do it and you are free to say yes or no.

You can chose to go full nude, implied nude or not at all

The most important thing with your boudoir session is that you walk out feeling like a queen who could conquer the world and that when you see your images during your reveal, you feel confidence and empowerment like never before!

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