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What Shoes do I Bring to my Boudoir Session?

What are the do's and don'ts of shoes?

Well great news... There's not a whole heap of "don'ts"!

Thanks to our wonderful client closet, you don't have to be concerned over your shoes (or lack thereof)! We have a range of colours and sizes (from 6 - 11), so we've got you covered.

Whether you opt for pointed, round or open toed heels (or even cowgirl boots!), you'll be looking absolutely fabulous! Bring in the heeled shoes you love and see which you fall for even more.

You're also more than welcome to go completely shoe-less. This creates a relaxed and casual vibe and works with just as many outfits as your stiletto's will!

Here's our quickfire list of Do's and Don'ts:


  • Bring shoes that you are comfortable in

  • Who doesn't love some self care?! Get yourself a pedicure if you're considering open toe heels or being barefoot

  • Consider how the shoes you bring will look with your selected outfits.

  • When in doubt, black, nude and white heels will go with most other colours.

  • Try to lean towards a stiletto heel as opposed to platform heels as these tend to look better on camera.

  • Certainly bring other styles if you want to try them, but when in doubt stick with stiletto.


  • Bring every shoe that you own - you will likely only wear shoes for one to two of your sets, so we won't make it through your whole wardrobe!

  • Have no regard for coordination - ensure your shoes match your outfit.

  • This seems like a given though just remember that if you think the red in your shoes and red in your outfit is slightly different, this will be even more obvious on camera.

Lastly and most importantly, don't stress! You definitely don't NEED to have shoes for your session, being barefooted and pointing those toes looks AMAZING.

If you personally don't own any heels but would like to try some for your session, don't forget about our client closet!

Don't stress babe, you've got this!

Have a chat to our amazing team and ask them about our client wardrobe!

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