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What to Bring to Your Session?

“What should I bring to my session?” I hear you ask.

Well read on and let us tell you what we recommend!

  • Lingerie

Bring all the items that you plan on wearing in your session, of course. When in doubt, it’s better to bring too much than too little!

  • Shoes/ accessories

You may not always use these but if you have some items you are in love with, bring them along. Whether it’s platform stilettos, an oversized shirt, handcuffs or a musical instrument, put it in the bag!

  • Comfy (not too tight) clothing with a loose neckline for hair and makeup

This is to ensure you don’t have any indent marks when you change into your first outfit and that your makeup can be done easily and not come off when you lift off your shirt to change!

  • Yourself!

Bring your beautiful, authentic self into the studio. It is more than normal to be nervous but you are in fabulous hands and we can assure you that these nerves will fade very quickly. Channel those positive, open-minded, Boss B vibes and walk your gorgeous self through those doors!

What will you bring to your session?

Get in touch for more info and let us know what you'll bring!

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