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What do I wear for my boudoir shoot?

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

So you've booked your first boudoir session. Yay you! It's an exciting step to take but now you're most likely thinking... What am I going to wear? We get this question a lot from clients and the fact that we usually have at least 3 different outfits for a session, it can leave people feeling a little overwhelmed. Lucky for you though we have some great ideas which work great for boudoir sessions.

Not just lingerie

Boudoir doesn’t always have to be just about lingerie, in fact, you can be super sexy just wearing a jacket or robe! It can be very scary feeling so vulnerable wearing practically nothing, so our sessions can start with some sort of outer wear!

Try to think about your wardrobe at home. do you have short shorts, a midriff or mesh shirt, v-neck singlet maybe? Any unique or cropped tops can be cute with panties too. Maybe you have a lace blouse or a soft sweater you can pull off your shoulders. Some everyday wear garments can be perfect for boudoir. Of course having a super hot lingerie set to follow with is ideal.

Variety is key!

Simple bra and panty sets, Strappy lingerie sets, Body suits, nighties, shorts, shirts, skirts. The list is almost endless. The more variety the more photo choices you will have so bring anything you think will work.

Legs, Legs and more Legs

Fishnets or thigh high stockings? Why not both? Garters can be a sexy little add on to any panty and bra set too. Don't forget your heels too! The higher the better! You won’t be walking around in them so don’t worry about that part. Black is obviously a great choice and goes with anything. Anything with some bling or anything that is high and strappy is a must bring!

Spoil yourself!

Why not make an occasion of your boudoir experience and spoil yourself at 'Bras & Things' or Honey Birdette'. Take a friend for a second opinion or take a pic and let us help you decide!

Helpful tips to remember

  • Not every outfit has to be lingerie

  • Have at least one bra and panty set

  • Bring high heels

  • Try everything on before your session

  • Brand new lingerie or very lightly worn is best

  • Wear whatever YOU feel sexy in

  • Don't forget some jewellery

  • Come to the session in loose fitting clothes to prevent dents or lines on your body

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