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Who is Dave?

Who is Dave? Written by Dave. Hi Ladies. I'm Dave, one of the boudoir photographers here at 'Boudoir by Angel Eyes'.

Let's talk about the elephant in the room

Yes, I am a guy and I take photos of women in lingerie...or less.

At first glance, you might think it's a bit strange seeing a male photographer do boudoir sessions for ladies. To be completely honest, I thought the same thing. It's a field which is mostly dominated by women professionals for obvious reasons. But I have recently discovered that this is what gives me a unique edge. I am able to deliver my creativity through a males perspective and give you a more edgy feel to your final shot.

Plus, I am always teamed up with Mel which means you get both a male's and female's perspective. The best of both worlds! You'll find we work really well as a team, have heaps of fun during the session and will use each others inspirations during the session.


Why do I shoot boudoir?

Honestly, I don't shoot boudoir. I create empowering, confidence building portfolios through imagery. I've done so with sports portraiture and now boudoir. No matter what genre I am shooting my goal is the same. I want others to see how they look from a different perspective. Boudoir to me is about celebrating the woman you are today, expressing your personality and beauty. I want your photos to be unique and to tell a story.

If your photos are for you, I want you to fall in love with yourself. If your photos are for your partner, I want them to feel a deeper connection to you when they look at them. Boudoir is all about self love and if I can help deliver that through my camera lens, then that in turn gives me fulfillment.

Partners in life and in the studio

I'm not some guy behind a camera

I want you to think of me as 'your photographer' and not 'some guy behind a camera'.

In the lead up to your boudoir session or even if your thinking about doing one, I encourage you to engage in conversation with me in our Facebook group 'Angel Eyes Divas' or have a chat with Mel and myself in an in-person consultation. Feel free to friend request me on Facebook and ask me anything. The more comfortable you are going into a boudoir session, the more 'in the moment' you will be.


So who am I?

I'm a husband. I'm a dad. I'm a karate-ka. I'm a photographer

I'm a nice guy (Well I like to believe so) who is excited to help you discover a new you through boudoir.

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