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Why We Hold One Session A Day

Some Boudoir photographers shoot many clients a day, and some, like us, only see one person per 24hrs. Both are valid photography schedules, however let’s run through why we, specifically, hold one session a day. 

It’s All About You

You may have been building up to this for months or years! You may have travelled a great distance! You may have chosen us due to our private boudoir studio, for a reason. 

Between hair and makeup, choosing your lingerie and sipping on some confidence juice, all the way through to the photoshoot itself. We want this day to be about YOU, because you deserve it. 

To ensure our focus is on you and there are no major distractions, YOU will be our only Diva for that particular day. 

This is a Luxury Experience

You’re treating yourself to a luxury experience to take back your life and your body, so why would you want to share that?! Having one client a day allows us to ensure that YOU are pampered, valued and living that luxury lifestyle with a makeup artist and two photographers focussed all to you!

boudoir model on gold silk sheets
Image Options!

We want to make your session worth it! Yes, we could just snap a couple of photos and we’re sure you’d love them, but we don’t want to do that. 

We want you to view a wide selection of glamorous photos and struggle to choose your favourite because you love them all too much! We want you to see yourself, say “oh my god, that’s me?!” and then KEEP saying that with every new set. 

Not only do we want you to have an amazing time during your session, but we also want you to keep reaping those rewards after you’ve left the studio.


Let’s get technical. Having consistent lighting makes a photographer's heart happy. 

Holding sessions at specific times of the day has the added benefit of ensuring that the sun is working in our favour and lighting you up beautifully. 

While we do retouch your images to a degree, this lighting helps ensure that we are always supplying our Divas with fabulous photos that are CONSISTENTLY amazing. 

boudoir model silhouetted in front of window
School Run

An empowering photoshoot like ours takes time, which is a commodity that I’m sure we’re all lacking!

A boudoir shoot is about putting aside time for YOU to remind yourself of the strong, incredible, gorgeous woman you are, so we want to help you make time for this.

Many of our incredible Diva’s are mums, and there is no pause button on motherhood. Therefore all our sessions are within school hours. 

Mel & Dave understand parenthood and the time constraints (with four children, they’re more than aware!) and as such, all sessions will start after drop-off and finish before pick-up. So don’t you worry about that!

Have we won you over yet? Need some more convincing?

Schedule a chat with our lovely Studio Manager about why you deserve to be our next Diva!

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