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You Are NOT Too Much Of ANYTHING for Boudoir

Updated: Jan 22

Boudoir is for everyone and when we say everyone, we mean EVERYONE. 

You may think that to do Boudoir you need to lose a few kilos, that you’re too old or that you’re too shy. Well we’re sorry to be blunt, but you’re WRONG. 

Boudoir photography is the stripped down, authentic version of you where all your assets are highlighted and all your courage is on display. 

boudoir model resting on bed

If you haven’t heard it today, you are STUNNING, you are capable and you are more than enough. Our aim is to show you what others see in you, to allow you to be a good role model for those around you and to prove to yourself that even if something scares you, you are STRONG enough to overcome it. 

When it comes to a boudoir shoot, you are NOT too old, too heavy, too shy, too much or too ANYTHING. Because the sexy photos that will come from your session will show you that everything you both love and dislike about yourself makes you who you are, and that’s BEAUTIFUL. 

boudoir model in red looking at camera

Have you been curious about Boudoir photography but haven’t yet booked a session because of one of the reasons above? Let’s chat!

Let us ease your worries and explain to you how the many women who’ve come before you have seen the value of a Boudoir by Angel Eyes session!

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