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Zebra cuffs and whips ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sarah is no stranger to having photos taken and this wasn't her first time in our studio. However, it was her first boudoir shoot with us and all we can say is...

"Damn girl! You rocked it!"

As you can see, Sarah loves tattoos. And why not? They look gorgeous on her. Oh and did we mention the zebra cuffs?

And whips anyone?

Here is what Sarah had to say about her boudoir session.

"Omg really enjoyed having my photo shoot done by Mel and Dave. Felt totally relaxed and comfortable. The make up was amazing. When I came to review my photos I was totally in love with them. They made me feel sexy and beautiful. Definitely will be getting more photos done in the near future"

And we're looking forward to Sarah coming back in for more photos! She has even hinted towards a couple boudoir session which we might be offering in the near future. Sarah really owned her session. The confidence and sheer girl power that she brought was amazing! We just can't wait to see her again!

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