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Displaying Your Images

You may have heard of these famous art galleries… The Louvre… Tate Modern… The Metropolitan Museum of Art…

They all showcase artwork that is beautiful, that evokes emotion and that is showcased to remember a specific time in our history. 

Boudoir too, is art. While it may not be the most mainstream of art styles, the format and appreciation of the human body has been around for centuries (just Google Renaissance artwork!). 

Therefore, YOUR boudoir shoot, and by extension you, are art. This should be shown off, displayed and showcased. Not only because it is simply beautiful, but because you, your partner or anyone who has the honour of seeing your boudoir images can admire a special moment in time where you are confident, authentically you and OWNING your body. 

We have a few options when it comes to showcasing your empowering photoshoot and displaying your images, so let’s go through a couple… 

Fine Art Heirloom Albums 

You choose the cover material, the colour of your album and whether you’d like a dust protection box, and we will curate your images into a beautiful album to showcase your gorgeous self.

boudoir album

Luxury Portfolio Boxes

Do you want to frame your sexy photos but can’t decide on which image to choose? Now you don’t have to!

These stunning portfolio boxes contain around 10-15 of your favourite images which can be interchanged depending on your mood. Furthermore, the gorgeous box allows you to place it on any surface around your home. 

boudoir portfolio box

Iconic Canvas Prints

Our wrapped canvas prints are the perfect way to display yourself on any wall you have available. I’m sure you have some canvas prints hung around your home and adding your beautiful self into the mix is a no brainer! 

boudoir canvas

Luxury Wooden Prints

If you’re after something a little more sturdy than Canvas, we have the perfect item for your fabulous lingerie photos!

Our Luxury Wooden Prints are made of marine grade FSC certified timer, so they’ll LAST!

With a range of sizes, shapes and edges, you can be sure it is the perfect addition to your wall. 

boudoir wooden print

Of course, we also offer digitals which come in a range of packages, to ensure you absolutely love the images you select. 

Don’t forget! We offer prepayment, post-payment and finance options so if you can’t narrow down your photographs, no worries!

Come visit our private Boudoir studio, located in Brisbane QLD and get those gorgeous glamour photos you’ve been dreaming of!

We cater to everyBODY, but don’t just blindly trust our word. Check out our Gallery tab or social media for yourself!

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