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The Experience

The Experience

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Every step of the experience is a confidence building event!  From the excitement, preparation and of course nerves in the lead up to your session.  We find that many ladies have wanted to do a boudoir session for a long time and when they finally take that step to book it in, they immediately feel a sense of ownership as they take that step forward.


The session itself is a big empowerment drive as you begin to feel more confident in your outfits or lack there of.  As the shoot progresses and you find that not only are you posing like a true Diva, but you are also giving those sassy looks with your eyes and rocking those booty shots!  We will also give you a look on the camera during the shoot so you can see just how much you're owning it girl!

Finally, you'll have your ordering appointment.  The experience is different for everyone but always positive!  You might cry, you might laugh, you might even be as quiet as a mouse as you see yourself all glammed up and looking as gorgeous as ever!  There is no doubt that viewing your images is an empowering and confidence building step of the boudoir experience!






Let's break the ice

We have a quick chat over the phone or via video chat to discuss your dream session and what you wish to achieve.  This will help us personalise your session, just for you! We will go over everything including prices and then you can choose when you'd like to book your session. 


This also gives you a chance to ask us any questions.




Girl - You got this!

You'll begin the day with the ultimate pampering of professional hair & make-up from our qualified in-house artist.  Then we'll put you in touch with your inner goddess as we help guide you through a boudoir session of a lifetime!

Be prepared to walk out feeling like a new woman!




Yes!!!  That is you!

OMG,  you are going to be in awe of yourself when you see your slideshow up on the screen.  You might think that we are showing you the wrong client but I can assure you,  that is your gorgeous self up there. 

Take your time in looking as this is where you will select the images you love.



Fun & Flirty

With our fun & flirty style, we use the soft natural light of our bedroom setting studio.  The light themed decor and design of the room give a soft and airy feel.  Perfect for a boudoir shoot!

Sultry & Seductive

Step into our private studio for a 'Sultry & Seductive' boudoir session. We use our dramatic light with a range of props, settings and poses to highlight your confidence and seduce anyone who you would have look at your images.  The dark coloured walls, curtains and timber flooring make for the perfect setting for a moodier style of boudoir shoot.

Dark & Moody

For those who want some real dramatic flare to their boudoir session.  Our newest 'Dark and Moody' studio is perfect for casting  deep shadows and letting the highlights show off your gorgeous curves.




Where will the session take place?

All photo sessions are held at our Slacks Creek Studio in Brisbane (two minutes from IKEA).


Our studio provides you with a private, quiet, and air-conditioned experience with a variety of different sets to suit every personality. 

Do you supply outfits for the session?

We have a continuously growing client closet that you are more than welcome to use.


It includes lace robes, jackets, button up shirts, body suits, lingerie sets, heels, and much more! Don’t be afraid to pull out some of your personal favorites from your own closet, too.

Do I have to take nude photos?

Our top priority is your safety and comfort, so of course, you don’t have to take nude photos. If you want to be a bit edgy without going completely nude, we can pose you to cover and hide certain body parts or use props in cheeky ways. If you do decide to take that step, we do offer glamour nude photography as an outfit.


Most clients just like to see how they feel during the shoot, but just know that we pride ourselves on creating tasteful artwork that you can look back on and feel proud about, and nothing is shared without your permission.


How do I know my photos won’t end up on the website or Facebook? 

We only post photos with a client’s permission, and even then the client can pick and choose which images they are comfortable sharing. Want to share the cozy sweater pic but keep the nudie shower shot to yourself?


That is your choice, and we would never try to influence your decision or share your images without getting the final say from you first.

This will be my first boudoir shoot, Got any Tips?

Don't stress and try not to be too nervous.  You have nothing to worry about.  Mel and Dave are very experienced, not only in poses, but also how to get you to relax during a boudoir shoot and nail those sexy and sultry looks. 

What is boudoir and why do women do it?

Boudoir can be a celebration of your body and journey, it can be a confidence builder, a self discovery or simply a special gift for a significant other.  For each woman, boudoir can mean something completely different and personal,  but one thing they all have in common is the way their eyes light up when they see their images and the confidence they own after their shoot.

Where is your studio located?

We are located in Slacks Creek which is on the south side of Brisbane just 2 minutes from IKEA.  Our clients typically come from Brisbane, Gold coast, Ipswich or Sunshine Coast as it is a short trip.  However we have had several clients from NSW, Toowoomba and regional QLD!  Not all boudoir photography is the same so finding the right one is important not only to your experience but the final outcome of your photos.  This is why we have clients who will travel many hours to work with us.  We are also able to organise an online Zoom ordering appointment so that you don't have to travel back to the studio.

If I go nude, will it be exposed or tasteful?

A boudoir photographer will likely shoot a specific style, which is why it is important to find the right one who lines up with the style you are looking for, especially when it comes to nude photography.  Our style of nude photography is like a cross between glamour and boudoir.  So think of us as your glamour nude photographer.  We use posing to keep it completely tasteful, even if you chose to be exposed, or we can go with an implied nude look.  Covering with arms or props.

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