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What Outfits Look Good On-Camera?

As a general rule, you know what looks best on your own body. You’ve lived with it your whole life after all!

Though for those that need a little guidance, here are our tips for outfits to opt for in a Boudoir Session:

  • If you have a bigger bust - a bra with padded cups tends to be better for bigger busted women. This provides more support and allows ‘the girls’ to be lifted to their full potential.

  • For those smaller on top - generally bralettes and bras without excessive padding are more flattering. This is obviously dependent on the person, however it’s better to not risk the gap that may appear at the top of the bra when photographing over the shoulder.

  • If you don’t like your middle - Bodysuits that contour your body are a great way to cover up your middle without completely hiding it away. We have poses that will help draw attention away from this area if you would like to utilise them, however having an item of clothing that will cover your concern while still showing your fabulous figure is AMAZING.

  • Babydolls/ Nighties can be hit-or-miss - though these may work on some occasions, mostly your figure will simply be covered and will alter your proportions outside of the control of you or your photographer. Bring them along if you’re absolutely in love with the item of lingerie, though be aware these are not the most ideal pieces.

Hopefully this list has helped you! Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions about what looks good on camera!

Grab your favourite outfit and book a session today!

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