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Why a Bridal Boudoir Session?

Between the chaos of planning your Wedding Day; from caterers, to booking a venue, finding a florist, dressmaker, and every little detail in between. This is when you need some ME time.

What better excuse to take a day to yourself to be pampered, be celebrated and RECHARGE for the home stretch!

Relax with bubbly in hand, while our professional stylist does your hair and makeup, breathe a little and experience a photoshoot that is all about YOU.

Not only will it help boost your self confidence in preparation for your big day (and I can’t emphasize this enough!) but it will also help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera, more practice for the main event!

With guidance from our brilliant team, you will be posed and pampered to ensure your images will be absolutely STUNNING, which will in turn help you feel more comfortable in front of your camera on the big day!

But perhaps the most exciting of all is you also get to present your partner with the most thoughtful and intimate gift on your Wedding Day.

It’s a gift that shows you love them, and you trust them. You could present your handcrafted album or wall art on the morning of your wedding, getting them excited for the beautiful commitment ahead, or after the ceremony during a quiet moment together, getting them excited for the ‘night’ ahead, after the reception!

It’s an everlasting memory of those special moments together and a chance to INVEST IN YOURSELF.

How often do you focus completely on you - it’s an act of pampering & self-empowerment. Imagine the power these photos will hold in decades to come, looking back and remembering how absolutely beautiful and confident you are at this stage in your life!

DON’T FORGET, we also offer couples sessions! If you would prefer to eternalise your memories together WITH your partner, bring them along and book in a Couples Session.

Couples Boudoir is an amazing way to showcase your love for each other and capture the adoration and trust you both have with the help of Mel & Dave who, after around two decades of marriage, know a thing or two about love.

Any extra questions... or ready to book your own session?! Hit us up!!!

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